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Only ONE Hour your week!

I began Mentoring in April 2017, and the hour a week I spend with my 5th Grade Mentee at Prestwood Elementary School brings me utmost joy. 

There is something about having dedicated and uninterrupted, one-on-one time that is irreplaceable. There are no cell phones, tablets or distractions. The beauty of our time together is that we are growing a relationship where we communicate with one another by looking each other in the eye. We both enjoy art, and get to spend 60 minutes being creative and teaching one another new techniques. On the beautiful days in Sonoma we will go out and shoot the basketball or play on the jungle gym. 

It is truly a pleasure having her in my life, and it is constant reminder of what is important. That being supporting each other, lending an ear when someone needs to talk, and most importantly laughing and having fun. 

I LOVE being a Mentor and know that I have an incredibly unique and wonderful connection with my Mentee. 

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