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Alumni Mentee Profile: Itzel’s Journey of Discovery and Giving Back

Meet Itzel.

Itzel’s mentorship journey began in the vibrant halls of her first-grade classroom, a journey marked by profound connections and the transformative power of guidance and support. Her path took a pivotal turn with the loss of her first mentor, leading to a life-changing relationship in fourth grade with her mentor, Connie. This relationship opened Itzel’s eyes to the wonders of the natural world, an experience that reshaped her perspective and set her on a path of discovery and passion for the outdoors.

“I remember my first hike with Connie. I was miserable at first; it was hot, and I was uncomfortable. But reaching the top, the sense of achievement and the beauty I witnessed changed everything for me,” Itzel recalls. This experience was more than just a hike; it was a revelation, igniting a lifelong passion for physical activity and the great outdoors. Her newfound love didn’t just enrich her own life; it inspired a family-wide transformation towards a healthier, more active lifestyle. “It’s amazing to see how my passion has influenced my family. We all run races together now. It’s become a vital part of our bond.”

Today, Itzel’s commitment to nurturing and guiding others has led her to a fulfilling career as a nurse and a mentor. Working on the Stroke Unit at Kaiser for three years, she has dedicated her life to caring for others, drawing on her personal experiences of mentorship to provide compassion and support to those in her care. “Being a nurse allows me to extend the care and guidance I received to others. It’s incredibly rewarding,” she shares.

Driven by a desire to pay it forward, Itzel has also become a mentor to a fourth grader at Prestwood Elementary. “I love spending time with her, being there for her in the same way Nancy and Connie were there for me. It’s incredibly special,” she says, highlighting the continuous cycle of positive influence that mentorship can foster.

Itzel’s deep connection to the Sonoma community is rooted in her experiences with the mentor center, a cornerstone of her life that has had a profound impact on her and the community at large. “The mentoring center is a beacon of transformation in Sonoma. It’s transforming kids’ lives, and being a part of that process is very special indeed. The ripple effect of mentorship is real; it changes lives, and I’m a testament to that,” Itzel reflects.

Through her story, Itzel embodies the essence of giving back, illustrating the lasting impact mentorship can have on individuals and communities. Her journey from a reluctant hiker to a passionate outdoors enthusiast, caring nurse, and dedicated mentor showcases the transformative power of mentorship and the beauty of paying it forward.

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