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Mentees Alex and Jaymee Shine Light on Breast Cancer Awareness

Mentees Alex and Jaymee, participated in this year’s Trashion Fashion Sonoma event for a cause deeply personal to them, crafting a project that not only showcases their creativity but also their commitment to making a meaningful difference.

In a touching tribute, this year’s costume is dedicated to Maureen Crumly, the Mentor Facilitator at Sassarini Elementary, who is currently undergoing breast cancer treatment. Crafted by Alex and modeled by Jaymee, the costume symbolizes their admiration and gratitude toward Crumly, who has been a guiding light during their mentorship.

This costume, crafted with love and dedication, goes beyond artistic expression—it’s a gesture of support and awareness for the breast cancer community.

By using recycled materials to create wearable art, Alex and Jaymee not only spotlight environmental sustainability but also serve as beacons of awareness for those affected by breast cancer. Their project exemplifies empathy, community, and environmental consciousness, core values that the Alliance seeks to instill in its mentees. Thank you Alex and Jaymee.

Mentoring Alliance Executive Director Susie Gallo praised the initiative, saying, “Every year, the collaboration between the Trashion Fashion Runway event and Sonoma Mentoring Alliance blossoms into a beautiful partnership that focuses on the creative synergy of mentor and mentee. Our teams engage in a four-week Trashion design class for children over nine, culminating in a showcase where they can present their work on the runway.”

This season marks the second year for Alex under the guidance of his mentor, Kate. Molly Spencer, the Director of Trashion Fashion Events at the Sonoma Community Center, observed, “Alex has truly evolved from last season. His unique vision and focus have always set him apart, but this year, his ability to weave personal stories into his designs has brought a new depth to his work. Through the Trashion Fashion process and his own intuitive leadership, Alex is emerging as a future designer to watch.”

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