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One Tuesday at a Time: A Journey of Mentoring, Friendship, and Growth

The Transformative Power of Donations

The transformative power of donations cannot be underestimated in making the Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance possible. Events such as the upcoming Summer Soirée are pivotal in funding these programs, enabling countless mentor-mentee matches like Sue and Rodrigo’s to flourish. 

This is our WHY.

Ten years ago, Sue arrived in Sonoma, a newcomer to the community with hopes of building a life for herself. Little did she know that a 6-year-old first-grader named Rodrigo would change her life in the most profound way. Through the Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance program, their paths crossed, igniting a journey of mentoring, friendship, and growth that would last from 1st grade to Junior year in high school (and beyond). 

Together, they proved that a lifetime of Tuesdays can make all the difference in the world.

Rodrigo, whose sister Jessica already had a mentor, was nominated by his teacher. He waited to be matched for most of his first-grade year – but towards the end of the year he was matched with Sue. Since that momentous meeting, they have spent countless Tuesdays together.

Over the years, Sue and Rodrigo discovered their shared passion for cooking. Together, they attended cooking classes, where they became star students, cooked at Sue’s house, and started their own Christmas cookie-baking tradition. Rodrigo, who started on a stool at the counter, now towers over Sue. 

Sue’s unwavering commitment to their Tuesday meetings has been the cornerstone of their bond. Her consistent presence in Rodrigo’s life provided a space for him to grow and thrive. Together, they explored new hobbies, conquered challenges, and celebrated accomplishments.

Now, as a Junior at Sonoma Valley High School, Rodrigo’s life has been positively influenced by his mentor and friend. Their shared experiences have shaped his aspirations, and he plans to pursue a career in architecture after graduation. 

While Rodrigo expresses his gratitude for having Sue in his life, Sue says that she is the one who has benefitted the most. The friendship they share has enriched her life in ways she never could have imagined. As their journey continues, Sue and Rodrigo eagerly anticipate resuming their Tuesday meetings at the Sonoma Valley High School Mentor Center.

Sue and Rodrigo’s story is a shining example of the transformative power of mentoring. Through just an hour a week, a mentor can make an immense difference in a young person’s life, shaping their future, and fostering a lifelong friendship.

As the upcoming Summer Soirée approaches, let us recognize the incredible impact of donations, which create a future where mentorship thrives, friendships flourish, and dreams are realized – thanks to the power of giving and the transformative potential of a lifetime of Tuesdays.

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