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Unlocking Potential: Meet Danny – A Lifelong Believer in the Transformative Power of Mentoring


Danny’s journey as a mentor started at the age of 28, a pivotal point in his life when he realized the impact a mentor had on his own path. Reflecting on his own experience being mentored by someone 16 years his senior when he was just 12, he recognized the profound influence a mentor could have on a young person’s life. This experience planted the seed of a passion for mentoring within Danny.

Inspired by his connection with Mentoring Alliance Founder Kathy Witkowicki (he had gone to school with her sons), Danny joined the Board of Directors to give back. Little did he know that this decision would evolve into a lifelong commitment to mentoring, epitomized by his bond with mentee Christian. 

When Danny was paired with Christian, a 10-year-old elementary student, they started building their relationship around a shared love for baseball. Playing catch and card games, they quickly developed a bond that extended beyond just mentoring. They began attending baseball games together, playfully embracing rivalries between teams (Danny – the Giants, Christian – the A’s), fostering conversations about life, work and dreams.

The mentoring journey wasn’t just about imparting advice or offering guidance; it was about exposing Christian to new experiences and showing him opportunities, and the possibilities that life had to offer. “During the hours we spent throwing around the baseball, we talked about his life, my board work, business ventures and life in general. He was always curious about outcomes.”

Danny’s belief in the power of mentoring wasn’t one-sided. He saw the transformation happening within Christian’s life but he also recognized that the experience was enriching his own life in ways he hadn’t expected. “I got just as much out of this relationship as Christian did. Mentoring teaches you about yourself and returns your effort tenfold in joy. It’s such a great experience.”

What we often hear from our mentors is ‘who saved who.’ Love, joy and lessons flow both ways. Christian is studying business at Long Beach State (graduating in 2024), and Danny is building businesses and living his life – the two are connected through their hours of throwing the baseball, and a friendship that will last a lifetime. 


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