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– A Summer soirée for a great cause –

We invite you to be part of something truly special at La Veranda Sonoma’s eagerly anticipated Summer Soirée on August 19th.

Your attendance would mean the world to us.

At the heart of our gathering lies a profound purpose – to raise funds for the Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance. Last year alone we had 300 mentors and mentee matches. And behind each successful match, dedicated school site coordinators work tirelessly, fostering magical bonds and creating a safe haven for weekly mentor-mentee activities. These programs extend beyond the classroom, providing opportunities for adventures, like baseball games in the city, beach trips, mini-golf tournaments, culinary and art classes, and nature hikes. None of these experiences would be possible without the support of caring donors like you.

We cannot emphasize enough the dedication and hard work required to sustain this program. It takes a village of mentors, mentees, and donors united in their belief in the transformative power of mentoring. By joining us at our upcoming event, you become an integral part of this support system, providing mentoring opportunities to Sonoma Valley youth.

Please join us at A Summer Soirée. We are 100% funded through philanthropy and we need your support. Together we can make a difference in the lives of Sonoma youth.

See you there!!

Susie Gallo

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